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10-Year-Old Donates One Year’s Pocket Money to Thank Medical Flight Crew that Saved His Life


Dylan Kneebone, a 10-year-old boy from Cornwall, England has donated his entire year’s pocket money to Cornwall Air Ambulance. Dylan, along with his 6-year-old sister Kyrie, saved up £117.81 from their pocket money and decided to donate it to the medical flight crew that saved Dylan’s life in 2014. Crew members of the air ambulance charity have expressed their gratefulness for the kids’ generosity.

Cornwall Air Ambulance Helped Save Dylan’s Life in 2014

Back in 2014, Dylan had suffered from serious injuries after an accident. A had been run over by a horse box on his neck and chest. In addition to internal bleeding, he was suffering a collapsed lung that needed critical emergency service. That’s when Cornwall Air Ambulance came in with their air ambulance helicopter, which transported the critically injured boy to the nearby Royal Cornwall Hospital.

The helicopter managed to transport Dylan for emergency pediatric care within four minutes. He was then transferred to Bristol Royal Infirmary to receive lifesaving surgery at the specialist children’s unit. Mick McLachlan, one of the medical flight crew members, expressed his delight to see the boy full of energy and running around considering the severity of his injuries two years ago.

Siblings Opt to Help Medical Flight Crew with their Savings

Last year, Dylan had bought a new bike after saving up his pocket money. But this year, he and his sister decided to do something special for the air ambulance charity that helped save the boy’s life. So instead of buying something for themselves, they donated their entire savings to the charity. The donations will be put towards funding the operational costs of the charity, which requires £3 million annually to keep their helicopters flying and saving lives.

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