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Air Ambulance Crash

There was an air ambulance crash in Macon County, North Carolina, recently. Thankfully, there were no lives lost although the vehicle was severely damaged.
A few days ago, a Care Flight air ambulance crashed in Nevada, killing five people who were onboard. We take a brief look at this unfortunate incident.

An Insight into the Recent Air Ambulance Crash

We bring you more details pertaining to the recent air ambulance crash that snuffed out the lives of three crew members onboard.

In Focus: The Medical Flight Crash of December 15

We take a look at the recent medical flight crash. The aircraft belong to Hawaii Life Flight. It was carrying three people at the time who are now confirmed dead.

A Not-Deadly Air Ambulance Crash in Pennsylvania

A recent air ambulance crash in suburban Pennsylvania has been described as a miracle as no occupant was seriously injured. We take a close look at the incident.

Air Ambulance Crash in Philadelphia

Back on the heels of an air ambulance crash in December, there was yet another crash in Philadelphia recently. We look at the incident.

Four Killed in Air Ambulance Crash

Yet another air ambulance crashes due to bad weather conditions. This time around, the unfortunate event occurred in El Cajon, San Diego

Air Ambulance Helicopters – Enhancing Survivability in the Event of a Crash

United States has the most number of air ambulance companies in the world and safety is of paramount importance. We take a look.

The Cause Behind Brainerd Medical Air Transportation Mishap Identified

Medical air transportation mishap that occurred in Brainerd was caused by impaired visibility due to adverse weather conditions reveal investigations.

Air Ambulance Crash of 2019: No Obvious Cause Found by NTSB

The report pertaining to the 2019 air ambulance crash that occurred in Alaska is out but finds no obvious reasons behind the crash. We take a look.

Medical Air Transport Chopper Crash in Los Angeles

Thankfully, it has been quite some time since we have heard of any medical air transport vehicle crash. The reason behind this is the...

NTSB Report Sheds Light on Air Ambulance Crash of 2018

The job of air ambulance crew members is always fraught with risks. Feeling obliged to answer emergency calls in less than conducive conditions to...

Recalling a 15-Year-Old Medical Flight Tragedy

The Yampa Valley medical flight crash took place 15 years ago claiming the lives of three people onboard and severely injuring one. Yet, the...

Air Ambulance Tragedy during Christmas Eve

Air ambulance personnel are always on call regardless of the season and festivities. Constant high-pressure situations, emergencies, and adverse weather conditions are all a...

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