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Air Ambulance

Air Methods, which is one of the largest air ambulance service providers in the United States has filed for bankruptcy. We analyze what it means for the industry.
The residents in and around Mid and Northwest Wales in the seek action against air ambulance charity due their decision to close two bases.

Family Faces $97,000 Bill Including Air Ambulance Charges

Amidst the financial strain faced by families like Sara England's with a $97,000 medical bill including the air ambulance charges, there is a pressing need for continued advocacy and reform within the healthcare system.

Challenges Plague the Air Ambulance Industry

Amidst evolving policy landscapes and financial pressures, the future of the air ambulance industry remains uncertain. We highlight the importance of proactive measures for change.

Controversy Surrounds Proposed Air Ambulance Base Closures in the UK

The decision to move the base by an air ambulance charity in the United Kingdom has been met with severe resistance. We take a look at the development.

Air Ambulance Service Faces Laser Threat Again

In a reckless act of endangerment, laser was shone on an East Anglian Air Ambulance service. We cover the news in detail.

Tragic Helicopter Crash Claims Lives of Air Ambulance Crew in Oklahoma

In a recent air ambulance tragedy, a medical helicopter crashed in Oklahoma snuffing the live of three crew members onboard.

Turbulence in the Air Ambulance Industry: Air Methods Files Chapter 11

Air Methods, one of the largest air ambulance companies in the United States has filed for Chapter 11. We discuss whether this is a warning sign for the medical flight industry.

Air Ambulance Demand Surge During December Holidays

The holiday season also sees a surge in demand for air ambulances throughout the world. We take a look at the scenario in some detail.

LifeFlight Australia Clinches Prestigious ITIJ Air Ambulance Company of the Year Award

The prestigious ITIJ Air Ambulance Company of the Year Award has been announced and the winner this time around is LifeFlight Australia.

Tragedy Strikes as Jet Rescue Air Ambulance Learjet Crashes in Southern Mexico

We cover the tragic air ambulance crash that snuffed the life of five crewmembers recently in Mexico. The crash occurred on November 1, 2023.

Financial Challenges of Air Ambulance Services Owing to the No Surprises Act

The No Surprises Act has now been in place for some time. How is it affecting air ambulance services financially? We take a look.

Air Ambulance Services Market Set to Exceed $47.1 Billion by 2032

A recent report suggests that the air ambulance services market will cross $47.1 Billion by 2032. What are the factors that are fueling this growth? We take a look.

Challenges in Ground Transportation for Air Ambulances: A Critical Issue

Air ambulance stretcher is a cost-effective alternative at times. We explain what it is all about and everything else you might want to know.

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