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Prince William Flies Air Ambulance Again


It was not too long ago that Prince William – the Duke of Cambridge – was a part of a charitable air ambulance company. He was back recently to fly for the organization again but this time for a different reason. He was participating in an event organized to celebrate the 30th anniversary of London’s air ambulance service. He flew the medical flight for about 25 minutes. The flight took off from the famous Kensington Palace and landed at the Royal London Hospital. It was more of a symbolic gesture by the Prince to support the noble cause. He was also named the patron of organization during the event.

William Displayed Impressive Skills Revealed the Air Ambulance Co-pilot

Neil Jeffers, who was the co-pilot of the air ambulance, said that he was quite impressed by the flying skills displayed by Prince William. He revealed that the Duke of Cambridge took control of the air ambulance from the start to the end of the journey, although he had flown it only a couple of times before. It was reported that Prince William was shown a detailed demonstration of how, in a live scenario, paramedics respond to emergencies, when the patient involved is a stab victim.

There were a Few Lighter Moments

The prince was presented with a birthday card during the event but the twist was that it was meant for his wife. She had recently turned 37 years of age. Joking about the Duchess of Cambridge, he said, “I did remember her birthday this time around.” The card had been created by the six-year-old Alma Sahar whose father had been rescued by the air ambulance organization a couple of years ago when he was run over by a car while he was cycling. It read, “Kate, I hope you’ve had the best birthday you could ever imagine.”

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