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A bit of Planning is all it takes to Avoid Huge Air Ambulance Bills


A couple from UK, Katie Amos and Lee Johnston, were on a break and had visited New York in December last year. Katie, though pregnant, was not expecting to deliver for the next 11 weeks. However, their fate had something else in mind and Katie delivered 11 weeks early. She gave birth to baby boy Dax just two days into their vacation in New York. Although Lee was joyful of the little boy’s arrival, the thought of mounting bills was always at the back of his mind. To his horror, the hospital did not accept their insurance either.

The Couple were Able to Pay the Medical Bills with Ease

No, they did not have to pay out of pocket. Lee had bought a good travel insurance that covered his hospital bills in full. Upon contacting his travel insurance company, they revealed that they would reimburse the entire medical expenses incurred in the United States. It must be noted here that the baby had to be held back for several days before they were allowed to take him back home.

The Insurance did Cover the Air Ambulance Expense

Their travel insurance company not only covered their medical expenses but also covered the air ambulance cost. In fact, an air ambulance was chartered especially for the baby. The air ambulance was even fitted with an incubator to keep it safe. The days prior to the approval of medical and air ambulance cost by the travel insurance company were a bit tough on Lee, where he had to constantly worry about covering the costs. In fact, his friends and family back home had managed to raise about 12,000 pounds; however, he knew that this was not gong to be nearly enough. The couple has decided to donate the money raised to a charity that had helped them with affordable accommodation in New York.

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