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A Little about the Air Ambulance Professionals who Lost their Lives Recently


About a week ago, we reported the air ambulance mishap that took the lives of three of its crew members, only a while after they dropped off a patient. In this article, we take a look at the lives of these martyrs and the loved ones they’ve left behind. Every air ambulance tragedy involves a greater circle that goes beyond the immediate victims to include spouses and children – some very young, some still unborn. Here’s a bit about each of these heroes.

Rico Caruso – the Air Ambulance Pilot

This young pilot lived just two miles from Hazelhurst, the accident site. He was a loving father to two beautiful daughters. He married Lisa Caruso in the year 2009. He had earlier lived in California, Kentucky and Ohio. He was employed as a pilot by Air Methods.

Klint Mitchell – the Air Ambulance Nurse

Klint was engaged to be married and was the father of a young son. His fiancée Lindsey is at the time expecting a girl child in just a couple of weeks. A GoFundMe page has been created to support his grieving family and has currently raised a little over $34,000. He was employed as an air ambulance nurse by Ascension who had contracted the medical flight. He was from Watersmeet, Michigan.

Greg Rosenthal – the Air Ambulance Paramedic

Rosenthal was a loving husband and father. He had married Cathi in the year 2000. He has left behind a big family of 4 children. The fun-loving family man loved fishing and riding his Harley. He was a full-time air ambulance paramedic hired by Ascension and had been with the hospital since about a decade. A GoFundMe page has been set up for his family too.

The April 26th air ambulance crash has tragically changed the lives of people.

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