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A Little about the Recently Held Air Medical Transport Conference


The recently held Air Medical Transport Conference from October 19 to October 21 in Long Beach, California, was quite a success. The event was hosted by the Association of Air Medical Services along with other related industry bodies, which included:

The event was held at the Long Beach Convention Center and showcased a tradeshow with over 150 companies participating. The exhibition saw both ground and air critical care products.

The Highlights of Air Medical Transport Conference

The entire event was highly educational and awe-inspiring. The fly-in of the air medical transport vehicles itself was a treat. The parking lot of the Convention Center saw a different kind of traffic arriving from air.

The Convention Center later saw the arrival of California Army National Guard HH-60L that was specially customized for air medical transport. On Sunday, October 18, “Memorial Lights” was held paying tribute to those brave men and women who lost their lives on the line of duty as air medical transport crew members. A benefit concert for MedEvac Foundation was also held on this day. October 19, Monday, saw the grand Annual Community Awards Banquet.

Phoenix Air, which is famed to be the only air medical transport provider to have transported Ebola patients from African countries, was on display during the event. There were also several interactive sessions involving beneficiaries of air medical transport and also industry leaders.

Air Medical Transport Conference also Saw the Annual SIMS Competition

The SIMS competition overseen by Association of Air Medical Services was ongoing throughout the event. The final was held on October 20. The competition was an opportunity for the industry leaders to showcase their ultramodern equipment and rescue capabilities.

Overall, the Air Medical Transport Conference this year was a grand success.

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