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A Medical Flight Tragedy in Alaska


The medical flight, owned by Guardian air ambulance, was on a routine flight, responding to a call to pick up a patient in need of their service from Kake. The medical flight had taken off from Anchorage and was scheduled to reach the destination at 6:19 in the evening. However, the unfortunate air ambulance, which was a King Air 200 twin-engine plane, never arrived. The crew of the air ambulance comprised of three people – Patrick Coyle, aged 63 years who was the pilot; Stacie Rae Morse, aged 30 who was the flight nurse; as well as Margaret Langston Allen, aged 43 who was the flight paramedic. All the professionals were based out of Juneau.

The Efforts to Search the Missing Medical Flight

Apart from professional rescue teams that were put into play, the locals too hand jumped in immediately once they go to know that the medical flight had gone untraceable suddenly. The search by locals had spanned two days. It was expected that the medical flight had not gone way off the course as the wind speed was just 7 miles per hour and there was only a light drizzle of rain. A sea area of about 20 miles or 32 kilometers was scanned by rescue teams for an extended period of time. The debris of the air ambulance was found but there was no sign of the crew members.

There was No Indication to Suggest any Danger to the Medical Flight

There was no outward threat when the medical flight had taken off. It was supposed to be a routine mission. However, the exact cause of the mishap will only come to light when investigations are complete and that might take some time. The officials of the air ambulance company said that they still cannot believe that the medical flight went down and see no apparent reason why that should have occurred.

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