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A Not-Deadly Air Ambulance Crash in Pennsylvania


Air ambulance crashes are known to cause loss of lives but then are times when miracles happen, and despite the crash, people breathe a sigh of relief knowing that no lives were lost. The recent crash that occurred in suburban Pennsylvania was one such incident. The authorities called it a miraculous landing.

The air ambulance was en route to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the crash occurred just a few miles from the destination. It crash-landed in Drexel Hill which is a part of Upper Darby Township. The air ambulance was carrying a pediatric patient, a flight nurse, a flight medic and, of course, the pilot.

Almost All Occupants of the Air Ambulance Came out Unscathed

The pilot sustained some injuries but they were described as not life-threatening. The remaining occupants remained uninjured. The patient was taken to the hospital via land ambulance and immediate care was provided to the pilot. The exact injury to the pilot was not revealed.

The air ambulance itself was believed to be salvageable and had not sustained extensive damage. The hope is that the vehicle would be restored and put back into service. However, that is still a long way to go.

The Cause of the Crash was Not Clear

There was one eyewitness to the crash who described it as sudden. The air ambulance was flying uneventfully when suddenly it was seen to move erratically and ultimately crash-landed.

The model of the aircraft was EC 135 and belonged to Air Methods – one of the biggest air ambulance service providers in the United States. The company said that it would fully cooperate with the investigation. The Federal Aviation Administration is expected to start the investigation soon.

Regardless of the outcome of the investigation, the authorities and the loved ones of the people in the air ambulance are happy that no lives were lost.

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