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AeroCare Air Ambulance Service Introduces Pre-Plan Service to Save Time on for Organ Transplant Patients


A new “Pre-Plan Service” has been introduced by AeroCare Worldwide Air Ambulance for organ transplant patients. This new addition to their air ambulance service will provide organ transplant patients with fast flights to organ transplant facilities that are out of their home state. Patients will have to pre-register with AeroCare, which will maintain a record of the patient in its database.

Pre-plan Air Ambulance Service to Save Time

AeroCare decided to introduce the Pre-Plan Service because there’s no knowing when organs will be available. And when they are, patients have to rush to the transplant facility within a short timeframe. So the service is intended to save time in these instances and ensure the organ recipient gets to the facility on time.

Patients won’t have to waste time searching for a provider to transport them to the facility at the last minute. AeroCare already stores everything from the flight information to insurance details, so there’s plenty of time saved in coordination. When the call for an organ transplant comes, this pre-plan air ambulance service will ensure that the patient’s flight is already coordinated.

How it Works

When an organ becomes available for transplant and the patient receives a call, they immediately contact AeroCare and mention their enrollment in the Pre-Plan. That’s when AeroCare activates the plan and arranges for an air ambulance to take off as soon as the patient arrives at the airport. AeroCare’s Learjet will quickly transport them to the location of the transplant facility, where an emergency vehicle will be waiting to transport the patient to the hospital.

By introducing this plan, AeroCare intends to help organ transplant patients save time in arranging and coordinating an air ambulance to transport them to an out-of-state transplant facility.

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