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Air Ambulance and Cambodian Bar Advertisement


East Anglian Air Ambulance has found its way to the headlines several times but all for the right reasons. With personalities like the Prince of Wales associating himself with the charitable air ambulance company, something like that is bound to happen. However, this time around, it has made news for a completely different reason. The picture of one of East Anglian Air Ambulances found itself on a tuk tuk in Cambodia. The picture is an advertisement for a helicopter bar in Phnom Penh that promises happy hours, pretty girls and free pool.

The Air Ambulance Company Reacts in Good Humor

East Anglian Air Ambulance took to twitter to react to the advertisement on the tuk tuk. It read, “We are in no way associated with the helicopter bar that is promoted on the back of this tuk tuk in Cambodia… but we wouldn’t say no to a free pool.” It further added, “We love seeing pictures of our helicopter appear on weird and wonderful places.”

The Presence was Always Known

The air ambulance company has known the presence of the advertisement on the back of that vehicle. They revealed that their picture has been present for over two years. They further clarified that people who are associated with their charity, when they travel to Cambodia and encounter this advert, they invariably end up informing them. The company further added that every time they come across it, it brings smiles to their faces.

The air ambulance company had been in the news a few months ago when it was revealed that one of the members of the royal family too had availed their services once. The fact itself was made public by a prominent member of the family. It is perhaps one of the many reasons why the family associates with East Anglian Air Ambulance so often.

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