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Air Ambulance News

In states such as Idaho where abortion is banned, complications during pregnancy necessitating abortions may lead to patients wanting to avail air ambulance services for out-of-state treatment.
A virtual charitable event in the United Kingdom hopes to raise big money to help local air ambulance services. We take a look.

The Latest News in the World of Air Ambulance Services

We bring you a round up of the most interesting occurrences in the world of air ambulance services. The space has been a witness to quite a few interesting events recently.

Unavailability of Air Ambulance Services Leads to Death

An 80-year-old man had to wait over 36 hours for air ambulance services in India. He ultimately lost his life. The man had incurred a head injury.

The Case of Fake Air Ambulance Services in India

A case of fake air ambulance services was recently unearthed in the capital city of India, Delhi. We take a look at the modus operandi of the fraudsters.

Air Ambulance News You Can Trust

A quick roundup of all the interesting air ambulance industry news from across the globe covering the US, UK and Canada. Read on.

Medical Flight Charity Taken Aback by a Thankless Individual

A medical flight charity recently became the subject of a local resident’s ire for what it does best – saving lives. We take a close look at the incident.

Man Attempts to Steal Air Ambulance in Honolulu

In a bizarre incident, a man in Honolulu recently attempted to steal an air ambulance from the Hilo International Airport. We take a look at the incident.

Medical Flight News from Around the World

We bring you the most relevant and noteworthy news surrounding the medical flight industry from around the world.

How to Go About International Air Ambulance Travel?

International air ambulance transport demands a huge amount of coordination for a seamless experience for the patient and the family. We take a look.

Medical Flight Industry – The News

We collate the most newsworthy items relating to the medical flight industry from around the world covering countries like India, the US and Australia.

Air Ambulance News From Around the World

The air ambulance industry was witness to quite a few surprising developments lately. We take a look at some of those stories.

Colorado Family Troubled by Steep Medical Flight Bill

Surprise medical flight bill shocks a Colorado family as they were initially expected to pay $65,000. We look at how the family handled it.

Medical Flight Turf War and a Death

Medical flight turf war raises questions about the welfare of the patients in Orange County. Is the competition to reach first really healthy? We take a look.

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