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Air Ambulance and No Surprises Act


The No Surprises Act is a bill that was passed in Congress last year and aims to protect consumers from high out-of-pocket costs related to emergency care. If you or someone you know has been charged with balance billing, this could be why: your insurance company may have sent you a bill for services they didn’t cover and left it up to you to pay the difference. This can potentially result in thousands of dollars being added to your medical bills!

In an air ambulance, a patient can be charged up to four times the amount Medicare pays

If you are traveling in an air ambulance, you may be charged up to four times the amount Medicare pays. This means that if your doctor sends you to the hospital and it costs $100,000 or more, your insurance company may not cover all of those costs. The No Surprises Act will prevent this from happening by setting limits on how much patients can be charged by an air ambulance company before their insurance covers the full cost of its services.

There are Other Benefits too

In addition to protecting patients from high out-of-pocket expenses related to medical transportation services like these, this legislation also ensures that patients who rely on public transportation will still have access when necessary—even if they do not own their own vehicle due to financial constraints or mobility issues such as arthritis or other disabilities which make driving difficult for them

Air ambulance companies in areas with little competition have high prices.

When you’re in an area with little competition, you can expect to pay more for air ambulance services. For example, if there are few other companies around to compare prices with and they have no incentive to lower their rates, they may increase their fees. This can make it difficult for consumers who want a certain level of care (or even just want someone nearby) or are already paying high premiums on other healthcare plans (like Medicare).

The No Surprises Act will help ensure that consumers are protected from these price hikes by making sure that all air ambulance companies in those regions must provide fair access at reasonable costs—and only then begin charging patients any more than what is necessary for them to receive the same quality medical services as everyone else would get at similar facilities.

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