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Air Ambulance and the Lightning Tragedy in Poland


It’s tragic but it’s true – one appreciates emergency services the most when the need is grave. Similar was the case recently atop Tatra Mountain where a lightning struck a hoard of people trying their hand at adventure. The tragedy snuffed away the lives of 5 while injuring over a 100, some grievously. Thanks to Poland’s air ambulance services, six helicopters could quickly be deployed and rescue efforts were put into place swiftly. It was reported that one of the injured tourist had lost consciousness and was even temporarily paralyzed. The air ambulance services were of great help to the tourist and others who were affected by the sudden fury of nature.

The Storm was Quite Unexpected

The storm, it is reported, was quite unexpected. The mountain, which is just about a 100 meters short of being at an elevation of 2 kilometers above the sea level, had attracted the unwanted attention of a lightening. The culprit, it is believed, was a railing made of steel that spanned over 15 meters in width. As metals usually do, the structure had attracted the lightening, which in other words is a huge charge. The tourists that were by the railing obviously got the worst of it, so much so that five tourists lost their lives.

Air Ambulance was Essential at the High Altitude

Air ambulance services were nothing less than a boon in the rescue efforts. Although over a 100 were injured, not all of them warranted hospitalization. The ones that did were quickly on-boarded the air ambulance vehicles and flow for appropriate care. What the medical flights brought along was medical help to the site immediately. People with treatable injuries and those that needed immediate care got it at the right time. Of course, it was a joint effort by the emergency service personnel, medical flights, and the unaffected tourists who lent a helping hand.

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