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Air Ambulance Bangalored!


Wait! There’s no need for alarm. The US air ambulances will still adorn the country’s skies. For most of the Western world, Bangalore is nothing more than an IT hub in India. However, it could be quite surprising to know that the city doesn’t even have air ambulance services like its more developed counterparts. India, as a country, is still staring at regulatory hurdles to make air ambulances a real possibility for the citizens.

Changes in Air Ambulance Regulations are Taking Place Currently

DGCA or the Director General of Civil Aviation, which is the equivalent of the FAA in the US, is looking at basic things such as permission for landing air ambulance choppers during day and night in hospital properties and busy traffic. At present, the Indian skies are highly regulated; however, it comes as no surprise given the constant threat of terrorism. Not to mention the fact that the health care access in the country is less than outstanding.

Air Ambulance Could Soon be a Reality for Bangalore Say Aviation Experts

Captain Arun Sharma who is the MD of Aviators Air Rescue Pvt. Ltd. has revealed that they are hopeful of a favorable response from DGCA as the move would decrease fatalities. The process of evaluating whether the patient needs air ambulance services would be the same as it is in the US – the ground medical staff on the spot would take the decision.

Cost is going to be a major concern in this part of the world where affordability is not so great. However, efforts are on to keep the annual subscription amount to under $300 by the air ambulance service provider. Captain Sharma said he is hopeful that the cost would be reduced even further as they are in talks with insurance providers. The health minister of the state too has promised government support for air ambulance transport so that it is more accessible to common citizens.

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