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Air Ambulance Charity – Teacher Takes on a Skydive Challenge


People in the United Kingdom are known to come up with innovative ways to raise funds for their local air ambulance charities. The local communities are extremely invested in these organizations and rightly so, as most of these are highly dependent on the society for funds. While some of it comes from corporate sponsors and the government, much of it comes from people.

This time around, a primary school teacher, Victoria Handley, has taken over a challenge where she will jump from an altitude of 10,000 feet. She aims to raise money for Wiltshire Air Ambulance by doing so.

A Target of 400 British Pounds for the Air Ambulance Charity

Victoria aims to raise a total of 400 pounds through her feat. The 25-year-old teacher has already raised well over 200 pounds and exudes confidence that her effort will raise the remaining amount soon. The young teacher reveals that she got the idea after her father signed up for it. Now, the father-daughter duo will go at it together on September 17. Victoria says she feels optimistic and confident about her effort to help the air ambulance charity. She hoped that people would come out in her support on the scheduled day.

Confidence is the Only Preparation Needed

Skydiving demands no physical training as such. Of course, there are certain requirements when it comes to health, which the teacher satisfies. Finally, it all boils down to mental preparation and confidence. Victoria reveals that she is terrified and also excited at the same time. She says that she has been “psyching herself up” currently. Wiltshire Air Ambulance is a helicopter that usually accommodates one passenger along with the patient, pilot and two medical professionals. The air ambulance charity says it costs about 11,000 Pounds every day to remain functional and the total cost comes to around 4 million pounds per annum.

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