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Air Ambulance Company Does Not Give Up Looking for Missing Crew


It was only recently that we brought to light the news that an air ambulance belonging to Guardian Flight had gone missing in Kake, Alaska. The search and rescue operations had immediately pushed into action and even the locals of the area had put in all possible efforts to locate the crew, but in vain. The Coast Guard of the United States has now given up the search as the hope of any crew member surviving is bleak. Pilot Patrick, Coyle, 63 years; Flight Nurse, Stacie Morse, 30 years; and Flight Paramedic, Margaret Langston, 43 years had been a part of the tragic incident. It is believed that all three have lost their lives. However, Guardian has sought to continue with the search operations.

Several Aerial Survey Services Have Been Contacted to Find the Air Ambulance

The VP of the organization, Randy Layman, has said that finding the missing crew is their top priority at the moment. He also said, “We just want to make sure we’re doing everything within our power to bring our people home.”  It is believed that the company is going to the extent of getting sonar assistance to locate the wreckage. Also, there were reports that National Transportation Safety Board is planning on looking for the wreckage by leveraging a ping that could be originating from the tail of the unfortunate aircraft, now possibly in deep waters.

The Coast Guard had Called Off the Search Earlier

The Coast Guard had relentlessly scouted the shorelines for about 63 hours before giving up. They had covered an area of roughly 240 square nautical miles before doing so. The weather conditions too were nothing less than challenging during the entire search operations. The search seems to be one of the largest such operation undertaken in recent times. Thanks to the participation government agencies, private players as well as people in general.

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