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Air Ambulance Crash in Bismarck Kills All Onboard


An air ambulance unfortunately crashed in Bismarck, North Dakota, on November 18, 2018. There were no survivors of the crash. The air ambulance was a Cessna 441 twin engine vehicle. Although not much is known about the cause of the crash, it was revealed that the air ambulance ‘broke’ mid air, at an elevation of about 14,000 square feet above the sea level. At the time of the crash, no patient was in the air ambulance. It was only the crew members who were on their way to pick up a patient.

Things that We Know about the Air Ambulance Crash so Far

The air ambulance was in the air for about 30 minutes before the crash. The medical flight crashed into a field injuring no one on the ground. The debris was found            20 miles northwest of Bismarck. The pilot, a paramedic and a registered nurse were among the people who lost their lives in this crash. Bismarck Air Medical and St. Alexius Health came together to issue statements about the crash as the victims were employed by the two organizations. While the nurse was employed by St. Alexius Health, the pilot and paramedic were employed by the air ambulance company. They expressed that they were grieving for the families of the departed souls. Governor Doug Burgum too expressed his sadness over the incident in a statement.

The Investigation in the Air Ambulance Crash has Already Begun

Although no details pertaining to the air ambulance crash have emerged yet and we only know that the air ambulance broke mid air, the investigations have already begun. The Federal Aviation Administration or FAA and also the National Transport Safety Board or the NTSB have already begun their investigation. However, we might have to wait much longer to truly understand what went wrong. Such investigations typically take at least several months to years.

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