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Air Ambulance Crash Lands in Suburban Chicago


It was a normal day on Interstate 57 during the last weekend and vehicles were plying across the busy road as usual. Late in the evening and early in the night, at around 9:15, the control base received a mayday from an air ambulance pilot. The medical flight in question was a Eurocopter 135. There were a total of four people aboard the air ambulance – a critically ill patient, pilot and two crew members. The helicopter crash landed on a ramp on the highway. All people on the air ambulance were injured but there was no loss of life.

The Air Ambulance Pilot did a Great Job

Witnesses to the event said that they saw fire and smoke emanating from the air ambulance well before it crash landed on the highway ramp. In fact, the pilot was seen flying the air ambulance away from buildings and people, directing it to a spot without any vehicles, structures or people. His skills and quick wits seem to have helped avoid any loss of life. In fact, the only loss of property has been the vehicle itself.

Events after the Air Ambulance Crash

The Chicago Fire Department was quick to respond to the emergency. All four occupants of the medical flight were immediately transported to a local hospital where they were treated for their injuries. The patient, however, is still in critical condition. It must be noted here that the patient was already in critical condition, even before the crash. The Federal Aviation Administration issued a statement detailing the happening. The incident will now be investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board. The company that owns the medical flight said it was clueless as to what caused the crash. The rubble has been cleared off the ramp and life seems to be back to normal on the highway currently.

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