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Air Ambulance Crew – Maintaining a Healthy Mind in the Current Scenario


We live in unprecedented times – this is perhaps a phrase that has been the most overused, but there has never been a more apt time than this to use it. The air ambulance industry has witnessed its share of controversies and insecurities in recent times but none has been this unexpected or devastating as the COVID-19 pandemic. While the people, in general, have been more scared than ever to even visit hospitals due to the fear of contracting the infection, the frontline warriors have displayed great grit and gumption in handling it. The air ambulance industry is thankful to such individuals.

Air Ambulance Personnel have Shown Exemplary Courage

The air ambulance crew, especially the medical personnel, have been donning several hats amid the pandemic. Many of the paramedics have been given a call for help in hospitals amid the pandemic. The result has been an increased number of working hours, juggling between their moral obligations with their professional obligations. Besides, tedious by physical safety requirements such as wearing personal protective equipment or PPE for extended periods of time has put more physical demands on them. It is not a joke to wear safety attire for hours together.

The Mental State in this Situation

Stress is something that air ambulance crew members learn to live with. However, it never involves putting the safety of their loved ones on the line. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed this drastically. Today, air ambulance crew members are concerned about the health of their families and there is a good reason for it: tending to the sick and visiting hospital premises frequently can infect the crew members and consequently their families.

Many air ambulance companies have made counseling arrangements for their crew. While there are set protocols for handling infected patients, there are none when it comes to the mental health of healthcare professionals. Ultimately, the onus lies on the air ambulance professionals to seek help and stay healthy.

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