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Air Ambulance Crew – What’s It Like to Be a Member?


It is a common notion that air ambulance crew members lead a life filled with adventure. While this belief is true to a huge extent, it is not only about that. The daily chores that crew members are required to undertake are several and many of them do not involve being in the air ambulance thousands of feet above the ground. Strictly adhering to protocols is a responsibility the crew must follow each day.

A Peek into the Life of Air Ambulance Professionals

The air ambulance crew members are expected to arrive at work along with their fire-resistant flight suits. In the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, however, personal protective equipment is also a part of the attire.

As the pilot goes about conducting a thorough flight check, the rest of the team proceeds to check each piece of medical equipment. Testing the devices, battery levels, and other equipment is a matter of routine that can never be taken lightly.

Then, of course, there are station duties ranging from taking out the trash to taking stock of the inventories. Of course, while they do all this, they must be in a state of mind that is always ready to take on an emergency call.

Training is Ongoing

The air ambulance industry is constantly changing, both with regard to technology and regulations. This necessitates ongoing training and certifications. In other words, the learning never ends. The air ambulance companies often schedule training for the crew members to stay abreast of the latest practices in the industry.

On the Call Duties

Crew members are required to conduct minor emergency procedures like arranging an IV, putting the patients on ventilators, and undertaking diagnostics like EKG or ultrasound. While doing so, they must maintain clear documentation of what has been done so that the hospital can smoothly take over the treatment.

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