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Air Ambulance Evacuates Singapore Woman with Breast Cancer


It is natural that people want to be close to their loved ones during health crises and being able to afford an air ambulance transport matters. It was a very similar case for Ms. Lerine Liu – a Singapore national suffering from stage 4 breast cancer. The issue, however, was compounded by the fact that airspaces are closed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Her only way out was an air ambulance to get back to her home country. The cost was a big concern given her situation.

Covering the Air Ambulance Cost

The cost of the air ambulance flight was estimated to be about USD 330,000 – a huge amount for anyone. The family and the loved ones of the patient immediately set in motion massive fund-raising efforts. As a result, they ended up raising well over the required amount and managed about USD 373,000. The money was contributed by USD 3,886 donors in total. Ms. Liu was immediately flown to her home country after that. She was accompanied by a qualified medical crew throughout the journey. It took about 26 hours to get her back to her loved ones.

A Long Wait for the Family

The family of Lerine had to wait about a fortnight to meet her. As is the case around the world, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, anyone who travels overseas is put on 14-day quarantine first. It is only then that the family can meet her. The crew reported that throughout the journey her condition was stable and the vital signs were within normal limits. The hospital bills for treatment of her condition are expected to be about USD 73,000. The funds collected in excess of her air ambulance bill, which amounts to about USD 39,900, will now go towards the hospital bill. The rest will be covered by the family.

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