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Air Ambulance Flight Crashes in Nevada; Four Killed


An air ambulance flight transporting a heart patient to a hospital in Utah has crashed. The aircraft exploded in northern Nevada in a car park, rendering all four passengers dead. Among the four dead, three were crew members and one was the patient. The air ambulance was operated by American Medflight, which is currently cooperating with investigators about the crash.

Details of the Passengers

The four passengers of the crashed air ambulance were Yuji Irie, the pilot; Jake Sheppard and Tiffany Urresti, the medical staff members; and Edward Clohesey, the patient. John Burrel, president of American Medflight expressed his sympathies for the families of the victims and stated that the company is mourning the loss of their crew members and patient.

Urresti, one of the medical staff members who died in the crash, was a volunteer firefighter and had been working for American Medflight for only two months. She was a former ER nurse who had been dreaming of becoming a nurse for an air ambulance flight. The patient, Edward Clohesey had been experiencing chest pains and his heartbeat became rapid, after which his doctor decided to send him to a specialty hospital in Utah.

Details of the Air Ambulance Flight Crash

The aircraft was a twin-engine plane, which was believed to have experienced mechanical problems after take-off. It began to lose altitude and then crashed into the car park of a mining company. Eye witnesses to the crash said that some of the vehicles caught fire, after which a few rounds of ammunition went off.

This is likely because it is hunting season and some of the cars might have been carrying ammunition. There is not much left of the aircraft after the flames had been extinguished. American Medflight is cooperating with the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board, who are investigating the crash.

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