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Air Ambulance Industry News from Around the World


A lot has happened in the air ambulance industry recently. While it is in the headlines most of the time for all the wrong reasons like rising costs, tussle with insurance industry and the tug-of-war with the lawmakers, there is much more happening in the industry. Unfortunately, such news of interest gets buried in the rubble of controversies. Here, we attempt to highlight some of the recent newsworthy items in brief.

The Air Ambulance Industry ITIJ Awards Announced

The 2019 ITIJ Awards for the air ambulance industry were announced recently. The event was held in Malta on October 31st. While there were quite a few contenders, Jet Rescue was the winner this year. The award was sponsored by Verisk. ITIJ honors exemplary players in the realm of healthcare, insurance and travel every year amid much fanfare. The air ambulance industry considers it a huge honor. Previously, the likes of REVA have been the recipients of this award.

The UK Air Ambulance Industry to get Together in November

When it comes to an organized air ambulance industry, nothing can beat the United Kingdom. This year, the Air Ambulance National Conference will be held in November and the focus will be on collaboration. The meet is largely a platform for both members and nonmembers. It is where partnerships are built and ideas are discussed. The event holds high importance as most of the air ambulance industry in the country is dominated by charities.

Soon Drones Might Join Air Ambulance Industry in Canada

Thanks to seamless connectivity that we enjoy today, it is not hard to extend our field of vision using technology and drones are leading the way. Recently, in Canada, a trial that involved providing defibrillators to remote locations using drones was a huge success. The trial proved that a radius of 80 miles can be covered through drones. If implemented well, the technology can augment the efforts of the air ambulance industry.

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