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Air Ambulance Industry News


There was a lot that took place recently in the world of air ambulances. Here’s a quick roundup of the most interesting ones.

NTSB’s Preliminary Report Reveals Miraculous Survival

The recent release of the preliminary report by the US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) sheds light on a harrowing incident involving an Air Methods medical helicopter. The helicopter was involved in a terrifying accident in Philadelphia. The report paints a vivid picture of the aircraft entering a ‘near vertical, nose-down descent’ and even rolling inverted multiple times during its descent. However, the remarkable outcome was that all four individuals onboard, including the pilot, two medical staff, and an infant patient, survived the crash without life-threatening injuries. This incident underscores the resilience and skill of the air ambulance crew in the face of adversity.

Collaboration Takes Flight with US Air Ambulance Alliance

In a significant development, two prominent air ambulance programs, Life Flight Network and Life Link III, have taken a step towards greater collaboration. These independent organizations have signed a letter of intent to establish a strategic alliance. This partnership formalizes a longstanding collaborative relationship that has seen both programs sharing similar onboard medical equipment and operating many of the same aircraft models. The alliance’s primary goal is to promote shared learning and elevate industry standards, potentially leading to more efficient and effective air ambulance services that can better serve communities in need.

Air Medical Group Holdings’ Ambitious Expansion into India

Air Medical Group Holdings (AMGH), recognized as the world’s largest privately-held air ambulance provider, has set its sights on international expansion. AMGH is planning to launch its air ambulance services in India during the first quarter of the next calendar year, in partnership with Indian charter operator Aviators Air Rescue. This ambitious move represents a significant step forward in the realm of emergency healthcare and air ambulance services. With AMGH’s reputation for excellence and Aviators Air Rescue’s local expertise, this partnership has the potential to revolutionize emergency medical transportation in India, providing critical support to patients across the country.

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