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Air Ambulance Industry Seeks Government Aid Amid COVID-19


The COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world by surprise. What started in the wet markets in China is now pushing the world economy against the wall. The air ambulance industry, which had already been struggling to stay afloat, finds this unfortunate development to be a blow from which it may not be able to recover unless there is financial support from the government. The industry association has requested a $363.5-million package. How the government will respond to this request is a question that is eagerly awaited by almost all air ambulance service providers in the United States.

The Decrease in Demand for Air Ambulance Services

It is estimated that there is an approximately 40% decrease in demand for air ambulance services in the United States. The reasons for this have been several. Many qualified paramedics and healthcare workers have been called to the frontline in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic. The protocols that are to be carried out are now much more stringent with the aircrafts being sanitized after each emergency trip. This is time-consuming, labor-intensive, and expensive. Besides, the crew members are expected to wear personal protective equipment, which is an additional cost; moreover, they are quite hard to procure at this point.

There must be an Even Distribution of Financial Aid

The number of infections and fatalities is on the rise and the prevailing situation may last longer than expected. The country is only going to open up in phases now. However, when it is fully functional, the society will still need air ambulance services. Unless the needs are heeded to at this point, there might not be an air ambulance industry in the days to come. This could have a lot of adverse effects, especially for the population that resides in the rural areas in the United States.

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