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Air Ambulance Insurance Coverage


What do you do if you are stuck in an emergency situation that necessitates air ambulance evacuation? Without adequate insurance coverage, the cost of this exercise can be thousands of dollars. There are even instances of people going to the verge of bankruptcy, being unable to foot the huge air ambulance bill. It is, therefore, necessary to consult with your insurance company beforehand about this particular coverage. We bring you some important points in this regard. Keep in mind that being prepared for eventualities is always wise.

The Air Ambulance Services in Your Area

The United States has the most number of air ambulance companies in the world. However, not all companies service in all areas. First, find out which providers are present in the community that you live in. Once you do that, get in touch with your insurance providers and check whether these companies come under their insurance network. In case, none of them are covered, get in touch with the air ambulance service providers and ask them about memberships that they offer. Most of them offer annual memberships of varying costs. This will enable you to get free air ambulance evacuation if need be.

Understand What is Medical Necessity

Medical necessity is of the biggest deciding factors in insurance approvals. If the insurance company feels that your medical condition did not warrant an air ambulance service, your claim may be denied, and you may have to foot the bill yourself. In this context, it must be noted that during emergencies, it is the medical professionals who decide whether you need an air ambulance and not you. Yet, the insurance company has the power to deny you the claim based on their own doctors’ assessment of the situation.

In any case, availing air ambulance membership is always a wise thing to do as it insulates you from such unpleasant surprises. However, it ceases to become a viable option if there are many air ambulance service providers in your area as you do not get to choose one during emergencies.

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