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Air Ambulance News from Around the World


The air ambulance industry has seen several developments across the globe recently. From new ways to coordinate for faster care to new technological innovations that promise improved care, it has been an exciting unfolding of events for the industry.

World’s First Stroke Air Ambulance

The distinction of coming up with the world’s first stroke air ambulance is slated to go to Australia. Under the project Stroke Golden Hour, lightweight brain scanning machines are being developed. Once ready, the treatment for brain strokes is going to get new wings, in that the portable machine will bring access to care closer to the patients within the golden hour, increasing their chances of survival and quicker recovery.  The project has witnessed funding of $40 million. It is a part of the Frontier Health and Medical Research Initiative. It is expected that once the project sees successful completion, it will revolutionize how stroke patients are transported during emergencies.

Regional Air Ambulance Pact in South-East Asia

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, spoke at a summit recently proposing a framework for regional cooperation that – along with several other things – will promote regional cooperation with respect to air ambulance services. India is a destination for neighboring countries for advanced medical care, especially complicated surgeries. Representatives from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Mauritius, Nepal, Pakistan, Seychelles, and Sri Lanka were present at the meeting.

Irish Air Ambulance Proves its Worth in the First Year of Its Operations

The Irish Community Rapid Response Air Ambulance recently revealed that it has undertaken 490 missions this past year. It works along with the National Ambulance Service to bring efficient life-saving services to the citizens of the country. The organization revealed that July was its busiest month wherein the air ambulance services were requested 59 times. Motor vehicle accidents alone accounted for an astounding 94 calls in the year.

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