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The air ambulance industry has witnessed renewed interest since the year 2020, and it continues through to 2022. First, it was the increased demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and then, it was the tussle to get the best out of the No Surprises bill in the United States. The industry has been in focus for various reasons. We bring you a round-up of what’s happening in the air ambulance world recently. Here are some newsworthy occurrences.

Air Ambulance Charity in Scotland Sees its Busiest Year

The year 2021 was quite eventful for Scotland’s air ambulance charity. In that, the service witnessed a 70 percent jump in demand. The organization says that its crew was deployed a total of 810 times. The result was that 333 people were rescued. It was a huge jump from 2020 in which 10 people were rescued. The charity revealed that a huge part of the calls was related to road accidents. This is despite thin traffic due to the ongoing pandemic. The charity expects even more demand in the days to come as the pandemic eases down.

Air Ambulance Vandalized in the United Kingdom

Cornwall air ambulance charity in the United Kingdom revealed that it has been a victim of vandalism quite a few times in the recent past. The organization that is mainly funded by the public has had to spend over a thousand British pounds due to the most recent vandalism event. The charity is known to help over 1000 people every year and keeping the air ambulance grounded due to damage is a problem. A spokesperson of Cornwall said that “efforts” are on to put an end to this.

European Air Ambulance Industry May Surpass Its US Counterpart

Recent market research has predicted that the European air ambulance industry may surpass the United States in the next six years. The reasons cited for this development have a lot to do with the government and public support that the industry enjoys. The same cannot be said about the United States where most air ambulance services are for-profit and private-equity-funded.

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