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Air Ambulance News From Around the World


Air ambulances are always in the midst of action. Often they turn potentially tragic situations into happy ones through timely rescue missions. Here, we look at some of the air ambulance transport news that has been making rounds in the past few days.

Prince Williams Reports back to Air Ambulance Duty

The Duke of Cambridge has returned to his air ambulance transport duties in the beginning of June. The Prince had been on paternity leave following the birth of his daughter. Williams is currently at the end of his air ambulance transport training. He is believed to have donated his entire salary recently. He had earlier pledged that he would donate all his salary received as air ambulance pilot.

Air Ambulance called in Alton Towers Amusement Park in the UK

There was a freak accident that borders negligence in Alton Towers, which is an amusement park in UK. The incident occurred when two roller coaster carriages collided with each other injuring four persons seriously. Air ambulance was called for rescue of these unfortunate victims. A total of 16 people were involved in the mishap. West Midlands Air Ambulance had been pressed into service.

Police Chopper Does an Air Ambulance in Cayman Islands

A tourist from United States suffered serious complications while diving in Cayman Islands recently and the police helicopter was used to rescue the patient. The doctors actually appreciated the police for using the helicopter as air ambulance as the patient was in need of immediate medical attention. This was the second time in a month that a police helicopter was used as air ambulance in the area.

Air Ambulance Rescues 8-year-old in Orange, Texas

The accident occurred when a 28-foot crew boat crashed into a 16-foot fishing boat. The fishing boat was occupied by an 8-year-old girl and her father. Although the father remained without medical injuries, the little girl suffered some injuries and for this reason was transported through an air ambulance to a medical branch of University of Texas located in Galveston.

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