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Air Ambulance Plays a Part in the World’s Most Expensive Sex!


The sexual escapade of Peter Cousins, a citizen of UK, has cost him over $250,000. It all started when he along with his partner Dawn Reed decided to make love in hot springs in remote Nevada Desert. The excitement of the whole act was too much for Cousins, who first complained of left arm pain and subsequently collapsed. Of course, air ambulance had to be called in to evacuate him to the nearest hospital, where he ended up having a stent placed.

The Moments Before Air Ambulance Was Called

According to Reed, the couple had found a natural hot spring in a remote part of Nevada Desert. Although they had taken a dip in the hot pool before, on that fateful day, they decided to strip down and indulge in lovemaking, and the tragedy ensued. Let alone reaching an air ambulance, Reed had to run for over three miles to ask for help as there was no phone signal in the vicinity. She had finally managed to ask a trucker for help who in turn contacted an air ambulance via satellite phone.

Air Ambulance and Hospital Bill is Huge but Cousins has No Regrets

Cousins who is currently in the United Kingdom to arrange for finances to pay the hospital and air ambulance bills, says he has no regrets and that the “session” was worth it. He admitted he had imagined that the bill would amount to no more than $5000 but was taken aback when he was presented with a $250,000 bill. To add to his misery, he has now broken up with his partner, Reed, who is still in the United States.

Prior to the “tragedy,” the couple was working together as chefs at a cowboy ranch in the desert. Cousins who is 55 had no travel insurance, let alone coverage for air ambulance expenses. The couple was travelling the world and had stopped to work in the ranch for a short duration.

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