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Air Ambulance Receives Freemasons Grant to Buy Vital Medical Flight Equipment


The Hampshire and Isle of Wright Air Ambulance have received a grant of £4,000 from the Hampshire and Isle of Wright Freemasons. This makes the financial support given by the Freemasons to the nation’s air ambulance charities since 2007 a total of £2.1 million. The funds will help the air ambulance in purchasing vital equipment for their medical flight.

Air Ambulance Charity to Purchase Equipment Using the Grant

The grant will help fund the purchase of syringe drivers for the Hampshire and Isle of Wright Air Ambulance. The syringe drivers will help the air ambulance’s Critical Care Team in delivering critical care drugs to patients who are seriously ill. A syringe driver helps medical care providers in continuously administering drugs at a controlled rate to their patients.

The air ambulance’s medical flight team will be able to use the syringe drivers for providing intensive care transfers as well as cardiac support. Syringe drivers are especially crucial in administering anesthesia to patients with critical injuries or serious medical conditions. In these cases, they need to give a continuous infusion of anesthesia, which only a syringe driver can do.

They can also use the syringe drivers to infuse adrenaline for resuscitating cardiac arrest patients. And the equipment also enables medical care teams to transfer patients from one special unit to another while ensuring that they’re stable and asleep.

About the Medical Flight Charity

The Hampshire and Isle of Wright Air Ambulance provide critical care and advanced medical support to residents of the Hampshire and Isle of Wright regions. Since they began their operations back in 2007, the charity has managed to carry out more than 7,000 missions. In many cases, they were the main reason the patient’s life was saved. The charity currently requires more than £9,000 to carry out their life-saving services for a day.

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