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Air Ambulance Service Faces Lawsuit after Crash


The air ambulance crash that snuffed the life of veteran pilot Patrick Mahany has now taken a new turn with lawsuits being filed by the survivors of the crash. The air ambulance service provider Flight for Life and the manufacturer and distributor Airbus Helicopters in France and Texas have been mentioned in the lawsuit. The damages being sought remain unknown at this time.

Why has the Air Ambulance Service been Sued?

The contents of the lawsuits claim that the air ambulance service was flying choppers that were not “crashworthy.” It has been claimed that tail rotor malfunction was the cause of the crash. Also, it was noted that the fuel tank had ruptured on impact. The result was an explosion of fuel that not just burst the air ambulance service chopper but also two vehicles in the parking lot. It is being said that this explosion is what took the life of Patrick Mahany, the decorated air ambulance service pilot.

The Air Ambulance Crew Suffered Major Injuries

David Repsher who is 45 years old and Matthew Bowe who is 32 years old were onboard the air ambulance service helicopter that crashed shortly after takeoff in a nearby parking lot. Both were crew members and air ambulance service nurses. The entire crew was headed for a public relations event.

David Repsher sustained agonizing injuries where 90% of his body was burnt due to the flames during the unfortunate accident. Matthew Bowe suffered severe internal injuries and has been permanently disabled according to his lawyers. Repsher is from Silverthorne while Bowe is from Frisco.

A fund has already been initiated by Flight for Life air ambulance service to honor the crew and also their families.

The families and well wishers just hope that the injured recover soon.

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