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Air Ambulance Service for K-9s


First responders are always at high risk. From treading treacherous paths to making a way in extreme conditions their services are invaluable. Air ambulance service providers are always just a call away in case something goes wrong, and they need immediate medical attention. However, there is another set that goes along with these brave people – the K-9 squad. What if something untoward happens to their health and safety? Thus far, there has been no emergency mechanism for their rescue but not anymore. Houston has launched a dedicated air ambulance service for the injured K-9s. The service will cater to those dogs injured in the line of duty and is being run by Life Flight.

The Need for Specialized Air Ambulance Service for K-9s

While the air ambulance service providers are always available, there still remain a few gaps that need to be filled. Medical flights are not equipped to handle canines. Besides, the emergency medical responders such as nurses and paramedics are not trained to handle dog emergencies. This gap is now being filled through the dedicated air ambulance service. The medical infrastructure need for tasks like intravenous fluid infusion, ventilation, hydration, etc., has been fitted into the medical flight. In addition, paramedics have been trained with veterinarians pertaining to emergency canine care. They have gone to the extent of training firefighters and even designing a K-9 emergency kit.

The Air Ambulance Service has been Tested

The first test flight carrying a K-9 has already been successful. The air ambulance took off with K-9 Sita, a veteran officer who had been serving for about 13 years. The K-9 recently passed away at the age of 15. K-9 Sita will remain the legend who was the first to be carried by a K-9 air ambulance service. In the days to come, injured K-9s will be muzzled and carried to safety and further treatment.

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