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Air Ambulance Service Receives Support from Craven Arms Brewery


Edward Wood, who runs a brewery in Craven Arms, has decided to show his support to Midlands Air Ambulance. During their 25th anniversary garden party, the air ambulance service will be unveiling a new beer known as Red Rescue, which is intended to help boost their funds. The brewery will be donating 5p for every bottle or pint of they sell over the coming months.

Why Wood Chose Midlands Air Ambulance service

Wood has a very good reason for choosing Midlands Air Ambulance as the charity of the year for the brewery. With help from the air ambulance service, his son Jonathan’s life was saved after a freak cricket-related accident. The flight transported Jonathan from Shrewsbury to Stoke to receive an emergency brain surgery. He was taken straight to the operating theatre, where the doctors proceeded with the life-saving treatment. Jonathan ended up making a full recovery.

Edward Wood has commented that without experiencing such situations, it’s difficult to realize the true value of services like the Midlands Air Ambulance. He also mentioned how the charity operated entirely with the help of donations. Realizing how every penny helps the service, he decided to come up with Red Rescue

About Red Rescue

The brewery came up with a pale ale called Red Rescue, which is a lot different than others of its kind. The 4.2% beer has a unique ruby glow that resulted from a red-colored malt. It’s already selling well across pubs in the West Midlands and in Shropshire.

The Midlands Air Ambulance charity carries out its services across six counties – Shropshire, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, West Midlands, Worcestershire, and Staffordshire. On an average, the service receives around 2,000 callouts for emergency medical transport by air. Its base is located in Staffordshire at the Tatenhiil Airport.

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