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Air Ambulance Services with a Difference – Meet the Hoist Heroes of Utah


Utah has been the go-to destination for adventure seekers for long, especially after the winter Olympics of 2002. With plenty of mountain treks and skiing ranges, tourists flock the region in the winter every year. However, injuries and accidents are an integral part of adventure sports and Utah is no different. The rescue preparedness of Utah is unlike any other part of the country. While reaching by land is virtually impossible, air ambulance services are the only way forward. The air ambulance services too have their share of logistical problems, for instance landing. The answer to this concern is not to land the air ambulances at all and use hoisting as the form of rescue.

Life Flight Air Ambulance Services to the Rescue

The air ambulance services offered by Life Flight have been saving many lives since its inception in the year 1978. It is the only US air ambulance service to have FAA approval to conduct hoist rescues for civilians. Its invaluable air ambulance services have so far rescued 262 people through hoist rescues. Since 1970, it has carried out about 3,330 missions on average annually and serviced over 70,659 people. Life Flight’s fleet of air ambulances includes 7 Augusta choppers and 3 Beechcraft King Air B-200 fixed-wing airplanes.

The Heroes of Life Flight Air Ambulance Services

The rescue workers are often exposed to rough conditions where they have to carry out rescue missions in unpressurized air ambulance cabins. The weather too is pretty harsh most of the times. Carrying out the missions demands high levels of fitness as the rescue workers have to often climb down the rope to reach the patients so that they can be hoisted to safety. Most of the rescuers put in about 50 to 60 hours each week in rigorous training, rescue missions, education and paperwork. It is not money but passion that fuels these heroes who make air ambulance services possible in incredibly tough conditions.

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