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Air Ambulance Worker Raises Funds for Devon Air Ambulance Service with 1000 Push-Ups


Jonathan Rundle, an air ambulance worker has successfully completed the challenge of doing 1000 push-ups in one hour. The 54-year-old had been on a career break to build his house back in 2012. He then suffered multiple traumas when he fell through the first floor’s floor joists. He decided to take on the challenge in an attempt to raise funds for the Devon Air Ambulance Service, which helped save his life.

More about the Accident

Jonathan had met with the accident while building his house. It resulted in multiple traumas, fracturing most of his ribs and his skull. He also suffered serious injuries on his left scapula, left clavicle, and thoracic vertebrae. Due to the accident, Jonathan also experienced a collapsed lung, subdural bleeding, haemothorax, and pneumothorax. He was leaking spinal fluid and was experiencing severe blood loss.

Before the Devon Air Ambulance Service arrived, Jonathan was attended to by a Rapid Response vehicle and a land ambulance. He was then airlifted to Derriford Hospital. Jonathan expressed his gratitude towards the air ambulance because it played a huge role in his survival.

Jonathan Pays Back Air Ambulance Service that Saved his Life

Almost five years after the accident, Jonathan is gradually recovering and is now back working for the same air ambulance. He decided that he should start a fundraising event to help the service, which played such a crucial role in saving his life. So he chose to take up a challenge in which he will be completing 1000 push-ups within one hour.

He had initially aimed to raise at least £500 by taking up this challenge. But he managed to surpass his goal even before he started the challenge. As of 9 March, he had managed to raise £908.05 for the Devon Air Ambulance.

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