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Air Ambulance World Sees a New Celebrity Entrant


The Kensington Palace in United Kingdom has recently announced that Prince Williams will soon be a helicopter pilot delivering air ambulance services throughout the country and beyond. The royal who is all but 32 years of age has recently been in the news for all the right reasons. The Prince is believed to be all set for the training which is slated to start coming fall. The place of choice has been Norwich and Middleton airports. It has been speculated that this move has been to ensure that he is close to his infant son, Prince George, and better half, Kate Middleton.

The Prince’s Initiative will Boost the Air Ambulance Sector

Prince Williams is the first of the Royal Family to have been employed by a civilian company. While it has been a tradition to serve the Royal defenses, the current initiative has been a path breaker by the Duke of Cambridge. It is certainly a boost for the air ambulance sector as the move sheds more light on the service. It has been announced that he would not be profiting through this employment and instead would be donating the salary to a charity.

The Royal will Formally Train for Air Ambulance Services

Prince Williams will be training for about 5 months, and as is the tradition with the East Anglo Air Ambulance pilots, he will later seek employment with Bond Air Services. His role will tentatively start somewhere in the spring of 2015. He would begin as a co-pilot but upon commencement of training is expected to qualify to be a helicopter commander. Although this would be his primary occupation, he is expected to balance his work and his duty towards the Queen. The Prince’s experience in the Royal Air Force would definitely come handy in his new job as the air ambulance pilot. He was part of the search and rescue operations, and is believed to have conducted over 150 operations successfully in the past.

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