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Air Medical Transport Insurance – a must regardless of where you are


Chris Roberts, aged 65, was going about his work in the sleepy town of Hingham, Kent in United Kingdom where he accidentally was run over by a tractor. Wait, the tragedy does not end there; he was operating the tractor himself! Misfortunes have a way of hitting you, when you least expect them.

Chris, however, was lucky as the mud beneath him was soft which reduced the extent of injury, plus the local air medical transport was at the site on time to save him. Considering that most of UK’s air medical transport companies are run by charities, we hope that he did not have to pay a bomb for the rescue. Imagine the same situation in the US and the victim would have had to shell out a lot of money if he or she did not have adequate air medical transport coverage.

Necessity of Air Medical Transport Insurance beyond Borders

Most people in the US and other developed nations are increasingly looking towards countries like India and Sri Lanka and other exotic Asian countries during the holiday season. It is startling to know that most people ignore the necessity of purchasing adequate travel insurance, let alone air medical transport coverage. In UK alone 15% of the travelers needed to be repatriated back using air medical transport due to illnesses or injuries during their holidays. Another 15% required air medical transport locally in the countries they were vacationing in.

Look at Air Medical Transport Insurance Seriously

Keeping yourself covered is the best thing that you can do. While in the US, you can expect Medicare to cover at least some of the air medical transport costs, which goes down to zero when you travel abroad. So take a closer look at the air medical transport coverage of your private provider for additional cover.

Adequate insurance while traveling abroad offers you peace of mind. You can rest assured that air medical transport is covered and one way to ensure this is by avoiding cheap insurances.

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