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Airambulance Company Puts its Compassionate Wing Forward


Airambulance companies have been in the limelight lately for all the wrong reasons. The unfortunate death of Nurse McLain was just one of them. The sky high prices charged by airambulance companies have been another concern. To add to that there were reports of fines to the tune of millions being imposed for noncompliance on airambulance service providers.

Amidst all the negatives making rounds in the airambulance world, there were those brave hearts that laid down their lives serving others, which of course also raised concerns about airambulance safety. Now, in a display of compassion, an airambulance service provider has actually flown a cancer patient home at no charge.

Castle International Airambulance Flies Angela for Free

Angela Ortiz was undergoing cancer treatment in New York for about the past four months. Ortiz is 30 years old, and is the mother of two lovely children and a much loved wife. Unfortunately, she was not responding very well to the cancer treatment she had been receiving. Angela decided that she would like to spend time with her family back in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. That is when Castle International Airambulance service came forward.

The Airambulance Service’s Gesture was Amazing

Castle International came forward to fly Angela Ortiz at absolutely no charge. Angela’s daughters Natalya and Eliana were elated at the sudden return of their mother as they had no idea that she would be flown back. It was an emotional homecoming for the family. Angela had landed at Smith Reynolds Airport.

Angela revealed that the reunion had given her new strength to fight the odds that future may hold for her and her family. Meanwhile, the family is looking for new treatments for her ailment.

Castle International Airambulance claims to care through “military values” of selfless service. This act by the airambulance company has certainly proved those claims. We just hope several other airambulance service providers follow their path.

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