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Another Air Ambulance Crash. This time in Macon County, North Carolina


Just a few days ago we read about the air ambulance crash that took place in Nevada that killed 5 people. This time it was in Macon Country, North Carolina. Around 7 p.m. on Thursday, an air ambulance flying from Murphy to Asheville crashed in Macon County, but four people managed to survive.

Following the crash of Life Force 6, a medical helicopter based at Andrews-area Western Carolina Regional Airport, investigators were on the scene on Friday. In the neighborhood of Burningtown, northwest of Franklin and west of the Macon County Airport, a helicopter has crashed.

Details of the Air Ambulance Crash

According to Todd Seagle, the helicopter declared the flight emergency en route from Erlanger Western Carolina Hospital in Peachtree to Mission Hospital in Asheville with a patient. The patient and three crew members made up the crew of four. To get to Mission Hospital, three people were transported by ground ambulance. One individual was transported to Angel Medical Center for assessment. Andy Lynn and Mike Van Beers, two paramedics, were traveling in the vehicle. Living in Graham County is Lynn. The names of the patient and the pilot were not immediately known.

The aircraft suffered significant damage, according to Emergency Services Director Warren Cabe, but there was no fire at the crash site. The cause of the collision was being looked into.

A section of Middle Burningtown and Olive Hill roads was still blocked by the collision’s debris. As investigators work to pinpoint the cause of the crash, Middle Burningtown Road will be closed for at least the remainder of the day on Friday.

Focus on Safety

The accident serves as a reminder of the dangers that first responders take on a daily basis in order to save lives. The ability to navigate rough terrain, bad weather, and the need to quickly transport patients who may be in critical condition present special challenges for air ambulance crews. These committed individuals continue to give their communities an essential service despite the risks.

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