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Another Air Ambulance Drone that’s Making News


“It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Superman.” “No, it’s actually an air ambulance drone!”

After the air ambulance drone by Urban Aeronautics in Israel, it’s now the drones with built-in automatic external defibrillators that are making the news. The air ambulance drone has been designed by Alec Mont who is a student at Delft University in Holland. Don’t be surprised if you find drones flying in packed sports venues or traffic jams in the near future. The air ambulance drone is capable of covering an area of 12 square kilometers within a minute. Now, that’s a huge achievement considering the long delays that often result in loss of life during cardiac emergencies.

The New Air Ambulance Drone Sports an Intelligent Design

The drone, apart from the built-in defibrillator, also has a webcam, microphone and audio equipment. This means a paramedic can give life-saving instructions to bystanders from a remote location while viewing the patient and ascertaining the situation realtime. The drone itself is highly portable and light making it easy to carry from the landing site to the patient. The propellers actually fold back while using the defibrillator so that it does not hinder the defibrillator use. The air ambulance drone comes with labels that can enable anyone to use it efficiently.

The Lifesaving Air Ambulance Drone May Hit the Markets Soon

With the government looking to clear obstacles for civilian air space use, these lifesaving air ambulance drones may soon become a must-have for hospitals around the United States and beyond. The cost too is not prohibitive considering that it is slated to be sold at 15,000 Euros (about $18,800). This would be a small price to pay for saving thousands of lives in “unreachable” circumstances such as lack of transport facilities or traffic jams. This truly international air ambulance drone is capable of achieving a top speed of 60 miles per hour.

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