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Ballina Girl and Medical Flight Costing $200,000


Phelicity Sneesby is a 13-year-old Australian girl from Ballina whose smile can simply melt hearts away. Unfortunately, Phelicity is born with a congenital heart disease. Her ailment was pretty severe requiring her to be taken to Columbus, Ohio, for treatment. Unfortunately, for her and her family, the treatment did not work and her condition worsened. Her mother had even quit her job to be with her little one as she was going through this difficult phase of her short life. Her father had to move back to Australia to provide for the family and also the treatment.

Medical Flight to Take Phelicity Home

The doctors had given their verdict and it said that Phelicity had very little time left. The only thing that the family wanted at that time was to spend the last few days with her. But then came the jolt, she was too feeble to travel by a commercial airliner. She needed a medical flight to take her back home to Australia, the cost of which ran up to $200,000. Having exhausted their savings already, it was a financially and emotionally draining situation for Phelicity’s family.

Yet Another GoFundMe Comes to the Rescue

We’ve seen GoFundMe succeed where medical insurances have failed before, and again, the online crowd funding method came to Phelicity’s rescue. Once the online appeal was made, wishes and funds started to pour in for the medical flight. Within a matter of days the entire amount was funded and the little child is all set to return to her family to spend her last days. The family was completely overwhelmed by the public support for Phelicity. Her mother posted a thank you note that read, “You’re all making me cry right now. Thank you.” In excess of 3,600 people had heartily contributed to Phelicity’s return. Arrangements are now on to transfer the critically ill child.

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