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Business Leaders in Alberta Raise Money for STARS Air Ambulance Service


CEOs from five companies in Alberta were part of the Rescue in the Rockies fundraising campaign for STARS. The annual campaign was started in 2011 to raise money for Shock Trauma Air Rescue Service, otherwise known as STARS. Since it began, Rescue in the Rockies has raised almost $3.8million for the air ambulance service. This year, the business leaders who participated in the campaign managed to raise more than $387,000.

Details of This Year’s Rescue in the Rockies

As part of the campaign, the influential leaders were dropped off at a remote location in the mountains in Kananaskis Country. Here, they had to overcome a series of challenges including a survival challenge and a medical challenge. They could only use their cell phones to reach out to friends and colleagues in order to collect donations.

The participants in the CEO Rescue were: Grant Beck, president and CEO of Graham Construction; Grainger Nimmo and Allison Grafton, co-owners of Rockwood Homes; Janet Riopel, president and CEO of Edmonton Chamber of Commerce, and Marcos Lopez, president and CEO of Solium Capital. The goal was to raise $100,000 each before a STARS air ambulance came to “rescue” them. Although they had hoped to raise a total of $500,000, the business leaders ended up raising more than $387,000 for the air ambulance service.

What this Means for the Air Ambulance Service

With the help of the funds collected through this campaign, STARS will be able to fund several operations and save the lives of critically injured or ill patients. STARS is a provider of specialized emergency transportation and care with a dedicated team of experts to care for patients. It operates out of bases located in Calgary, Winnipeg, Grande Prairie, Edmonton, Saskatoon, and Regina.

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