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Canadian Air Ambulance Service Raises $974,869.77 in a Day!


Reaching the remote Canadian areas for medical rescue is not an easy task but still it remains one of the most important elements in the efficacy of the country’s healthcare system. An air ambulance service plays a major role in the whole chain of this rescue. STARS or Shock Trauma Air Rescue Society that functions through Saskatchewan and Alberta is one such air ambulance service. This non-profit air ambulance service has been helping the critically injured and ill for several years now. However, like all non-profit organizations, raising the money is always a concern. What sets this air ambulance service apart is its innovative method of raising money. The air ambulance service calls this “CEO Rescue,” which has generated $974,869.77 in a day this year.

Unique Fundraiser by the non-profit Air Ambulance Service: CEO Rescue

This year, STARS partnered with some of the most influential business leaders and took them to a location in  where they were left stranded. The participants were given a few survival tasks which they had to perform in the remote location. The only way out for the business leaders was to raise $100,000 each using their cell phones only. The event went on for the entire day resulting in this whopping one-day collection. The CEOs enjoyed their day out in the wilderness under sun and rain, while performing the survival tasks as well as raising money.

STARS Air Ambulance Service has Conducted the Event since 2010

The air ambulance service has so far raised about $4 million through this annual event so far. The annual event has helped STARS provide specialized emergency transportation and care to the general public in Canada. The top-ranking officials of organizations like Encana, Trilogy Energy, AltaLink and Petroleum Services Association of Canada had participated this year. The CEO and president of STARS air ambulance service, Andrea Robertson, expressed gratitude by saying, “We cannot thank our participants enough.”

The air ambulance service operates from bases in places like Grande Prairie, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Calgary and Regina.

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