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Capital Air Ambulance to Extend Its Medical Flight Service Globally


The UK-based medical flight service company, Capital Air Ambulance has made an announcement about their intention to provide their services globally. The company will now be able to provide medical and repatriation services globally with the help of their recently-acquired Learjet 45. Capital Air Ambulance acquired the new fixed-wing air ambulance from Rigsby Group’s aeromedical division.

Aircraft to Perform International Missions Immediately

According to Capital Air Ambulance, the aircraft has successfully completed a mission to India and one to the UAE. It will be able to carry out international missions right away. In addition to this new aircraft, the company would also need more manpower to carry out the additional duties resulting from this expansion of service. For this, they now have 40% more staff members than they did in mid-2016 and should be able to provide better medical flight service globally.

Capital Air Ambulance Equipped to Provide International Medical Flight Service

Capital Air Ambulance’s manager, Lisa Humphries has stated that the addition of the Learjet 45 to their air ambulance fleet has helped them achieve a huge milestone. The new aircraft provides them with the ability to expand their reach globally, which is significant for achieving their expansion goals. The acquisition of the new fixed-wing aircraft is in line with the company’s strategy for expansion.

Capital Air Ambulance now carries out its services with five aircrafts in active service. They operate out of two bases in the U.K. Their staff comprises of more than 100 highly-trained medical professionals such as paramedics and doctors. The air ambulance company is also the only operator in Britain to be Eurami-accredited. The company is currently in a position to provide high-quality yet cost-effective aero-medical service within the U.K and to the rest of the world.

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