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Car Crash Survivor Gives Up Birthday Presents to Help Air Ambulance Service


Beth Tyson made an inspirational move when she decided to give up her 21st birthday presents in order to help the air ambulance service that saved her life. Instead of asking for gifts from her friends and family for her birthday this year, Beth ended up raising money for the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance charity.

The history of the Accident

In December 2013, Beth was seriously injured in a crash on the A46. The air ambulance crew comprising of a doctor and two paramedics came to her rescue. Upon realizing that she was trapped, the crew made every effort to provide her with emergency medical care on scene. Additionally, the doctor made a decision that will change Beth’s life forever. Her left foot was going blue, so they decided to pull it out, resulting in the 21-year-old still having her leg today.

How the Air Ambulance Service Changed Beth’s Life

Since Beth was trapped, the crew realized that they will be unable to transport her to the hospital. There were night flying restrictions, which required the air ambulance aircraft to be back to its base by 7pm and the accident had occurred at 6pm. So the pilot dropped off the paramedics and doctor who stayed on the scene and provided her with whatever medical care they could.

Beth was trapped for two hours in the car before she could undergo an emergency surgery which lasted for five hours. Now she has decided to give a bit back by holding a fundraising party with stalls and live music along with a raffle and a bouncy castle. She says that she doesn’t need anything new and that without the air ambulance service, she wouldn’t be able to celebrate her birthday. Beth managed to raise a total of £2,200 exceeding her target of £2,100.

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