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Caravans Block Medical Flights in Lincolnshire, UK


Caravans are everywhere and often preferred by adventure seekers as a home away from home, but when adventure turns to ignorance, it can lead to several problems. This is precisely what happened recently in Boston, Lincolnshire. A group of caravans, numbering about 12 had made the helipad meant for medical flights their parking space. The helipad belonged to Boston Pilgrim Hospital.

Every week the hospital seeks help of medical flights to transport stroke patients to other hospitals and nearby places. However, because of the ignorance of the caravans, Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire medical flights that usually service this hospital were unable to land. In fact, it took several hours for the helicopter to land as the caravans just refused to budge initially.

Medical Flights were Helped by the Council

Initially, the hospital staff had requested the travellers to make use of the nearby Geoff Moulder Leisure Centre. However, with no positive response, the Boston Borough Council had to issue notices to the owners of caravans to move, so that the medical flights could land. When the caravans did ultimately move, the Council was in the process of seeking a court order.

How did they End up on Helipad Meant for Medical Flights?

It is believed that the caravans had initially attended the livestock market in Lincolnshire which is held weekly, as these caravans had been spotted by many locals there. The market usually holds auctions of sheep and cattle and is popular among the farmers of the region.

It is believed that these “gypsies” were trying to sell products such as jet washes and power tools to local businesses. The Lincolnshire Trading Standards has since issued advisories to people to refrain from buying such products from unauthorized dealers.

A similar problem was faced by Royal Sussex County Hospital last year when a few travellers had blocked their helipad.

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