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Chicago Medical Flight Crash: Investigations Make Some Headway


We had recently reported a medical flight crash in suburban Chicago. The pilot who had given a mayday call first, had eventually crashed the medical flight into an empty portion beside the highway. Thankfully, no crew members lost their life and even the patient, although serious owing to a pre-existing condition, did not suffer injuries because of the crash. The citizens who were witness to the crash had revealed that the pilot had done a great job of steering the medical flight away from the densely populated area to a safer zone. However, the cause of the crash had remained a mystery.

The Medical Flight Vehicle’s Cockpit Recorder has Shed Some Light

The federal agency that is investing the cause behind the crash will take several months before it submits a definitive report that explains the crash. However, the cockpit footage is aiding them currently to deliver a quicker and accurate report. It must be noted that choppers, usually, do not have such recording facility at all; however, Eurocopter EC-135 that crashed recently had it.

The investigations will mainly focus on aircraft condition, communication with the control room, weather and the pilot in charge during the crash. It has been revealed, during the preliminary investigations, that the cause is most likely engine failure.

Engine Failure as a Cause Does not Come as a Surprise

It had been widely reported by the onlookers, right after the medical flight crash, that smoke was seen coming out of it. This is indicative of a failed engine. Also, the pilot had said that he was taken by surprise when the helicopter went out of control. He could not zero down on a reason as to why the unfortunate crash occurred. The pilot had requested to land the medical flight in an Indiana airport but had crashed within a minute after the call.

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