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Combat Veteran, Medical Flight and the Effort to Raise Funds


He had fought the enemies in the most hostile areas in Afghanistan but when it came to domestic battle at the home front, he felt utterly helpless at times but never lost hope. This is the saga of Andrew Bankey and his effort to pay off the medical flight bill that amounts to about USD 90,000. Andrew had to use the air ambulance service recently to save the life of his newborn child that entered the world 3 months too early. The little one had to be flown from Alamosa to Colorado Springs. His child is currently in the neonatal intensive care unit.

The Need for Medical Flight

About a month prior, Andrew’s wife Bella went into premature labor and was rushed to a hospital in Alamosa. Post the birth, the child which was born 12 weeks’ premature had to be flown to Colorado Springs for appropriate care. The bill ended up being too great for this combat veteran to be handled. Andrew says it was difficult for him to feel like he was losing control of the situation, describing himself as a man who has helped, rather than seeking help his entire life. His baby whom he had lovingly named Hawk was weighing just 2 pounds at the time.

Help is Making Way to the Combat Veteran but there’s Still a Need

Andrew had set up a GoFundMe page to raise funds so that he can pay off the mammoth bill. He says that he has currently received around USD 10,000 from friends and relatives. On the other hand, his child is now close to 12 pounds and is recovering well. Andrew can be helped by anyone who wishes to donate to his GoFundMe page. The early labor was attributed to the fact that Ella’s brother had suddenly passed away. Her sister had passed away a year earlier so it had been a series of heart-wrenching events.

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